Promise and Pitfall of Global Citizenship

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4 min readAug 16, 2019
Global Citizenship

A person who is aware of the world and who senses his responsibilities in the development of society and who speaks against global injustice is a global citizen.

A global citizen understands how the world works and is willing to make the world a more peaceful and calm place to live. For any person who wishes to be a global citizen, it is mandatory to be flexible, creative and to possess a proactive approach.

A person should be able to solve problems. He should have the ability to make decisions and communicate the ideas effectively. Thereof described skills and abilities cannot emerge without the use of active learning method which can be learned by collaborating with others.

Advantages and Importance of global citizenship

The primary purpose of globalization is to increase the interdependency, connectivity and integration on a worldwide level according to social, cultural, political, technical and economic and ecological standards.

The main advantage of global citizenship is that valuable goods and brilliant peoples are transported from one part of the world to another with more effectiveness and ease. By the help of this transportation, a mutual relationship comprising of respect and trust is created between the developed countries. This mutual respect reduces the chances of war in the future between those countries.

As the fear of war decreases, trade opportunity increases between the two countries. Further; this relationship of global citizenship leads to free trade, thus resulting in effective and efficient business. This free trade helps the poor peoples of the country.

From the day, technology has increased in the world, it is visualized and dreamed by the scientists, politician and by the public as well that one day, this world will turn into a global village. By the help of global citizenship phenomenon, this dream may be a reality.

Global citizenship has connected the media of different countries with each other. This connection of the media has also brought the public of different countries close to each other. As people travel from one region to others freely due to global citizenship, the cultural barriers amongst the different countries are minimal as well. This reduction of cultural obstacles is a slow process. However; this process may lead us to a day where the dream of a global village is more realistic.

Global citizenship allows political leaders from different backgrounds and states to join together on a platform. This joining of political leaders enables the leadership to solve a problem together. This combination of leadership leads to a vast and broader level.

By the help of global citizenship, countries are inter-dependent on each other so a different country can use resources of a nation for the development of the public. This relationship is equally helpful for developing countries and developed countries.

The developed countries can invest and launch a new business in a developing country, thus creating financial profits and jobs for the public of developing countries. In typical situations, the corporate structure of a country cannot invest and operate in another country. However; keeping global citizenship in mind, it is possible for the corporate structure to invest in other state and to launch or operate their corporation in another country.

This operation of the corporation in different countries increases the communication of business ideas amongst the nations. Furthermore; the stated communication leads to better environmental protection in developing countries.

Disadvantages of global citizenship

The main problem of global citizenship is the economic effect of global citizenship. If the world becomes a global village, then economic disruption in one country will affect the other country. Especially to a country related in terms of trade and commerce.

As in global citizenship phenomenon, all the countries are inter-connected. The economic failure in one country will have a chain effect on all the countries as every country will be connected to others in terms of trade and commerce.

In this world, different people follow different cultures and also there are different religions. The global citizenship will hamper the age-old religious and cultural believes which are being in following by the people from thousands of years.

A most critical and sensitive topic which is not part of a conversation in this modern era is religion and culture. Most of the countries and their citizens will never let anyone change their cultural or religious system.

By global citizenship, migration will be more comfortable, and the effect of culture and religion on the world will gradually decrease.

Further; it is a belief the globalization will produce more employment opportunities; however; the reality may be reversed, especially in the countries which are in developing condition. Outsourcing in developing countries will cause unemployment in these countries. The corporations of well-developed countries are already following the outsourcing procedure.


After research of the global citizenship phenomenon and analysis of the arguments of both sides of global citizenship, we observe that unfortunately, global citizenship will remain a political slogan in the near future.

The thereof described conclusive statement is because global citizenship will majorly affect the religious and cultural believes of the world. Even in the 21st century, religion and culture are the most sensitive topics in the world and no country will be allowing the global powers to disturb their religion and culture.

Further; even if it is approved, then the co-existence of people from different cultures is not possible. The multi-cultural beliefs of different people contrast with each other, which can create a constant chaotic situation.

Furthermore; it is an observation that increase of transfer of people from one climate to others will cause the rise of disease in the society. This will make people more vulnerable to heath and maybe psychological issues. It is already an observation in the world that disease is spread in the world, and after it’s spreading, the harmful effects of a particular disease are realized. Therefore; the visualization of global citizenship seems to be less effective in modern society.



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