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4 min readJan 11, 2021
Skills 2021

As our earth has completed its rotation across the Sun, we have entered a new year, 2021. Like every year, 2021 will offer new challenges to test our determination. If we have a dream to be renowned in the international market, we must be ready to face the challenges.

As we are making inventions and are progressing in technical fields, the top set of skills in the market are also changing. We cannot sit around cherishing the old-school mentality and still hope to get successful.

While entering the market, your two types of skills will be tested. One of them is People skills and the other is technical skills. The field of technical skills is growing every single day, and you can only be an expert on one technique at a time unless you are Leonardo Da Vinci.

However, people skills are those skills that you can learn at a single time. The following study sheds light on the important people skills you need in 2021.

People Skills

Before 2021 knocked on our doors, the world economic forum conducted a study to find out the top in-demand skills in 2021. They came up with ten main people skills that you need to have in the new year to be a success. Forbes has also reported these skills, so it reflects the authenticity of the list. Some of the top people skills reflected by the world economic forum are the following.

1- Complex Problem Solving

Mankind must face new problems as time progresses, and these problems are getting complex over time. In the new year, you are a top candidate for every firm and multi-national company if you can solve complex situations within a few moments.

Undoubtedly, we have hold of multiple digital and smartwatches at this age, but still, we do not have enough time left with us. The situation gets worse as you progress in the market. Every market needs a group of individuals who can save their maximum time with ease.

If you are more of a theorist than trusting in the application, then it is time to change the mentality. When you step into the market, you will be provided with challenges that cannot be described in words. In this situation, if you are looking up to the senior management, then you are replaceable within seconds.

We will initiate a different debate if we discuss the methods to develop complex problem-solving skills. But, in this age of the internet, technology, and search, our youth must be equipped to learning and adapting a skill to compete with the market.

2- Creativity

It is undoubtedly becoming a universal truth that your degree and education do not matter if you are not creative enough to come up with a new idea. In this age of technology and the internet, it is hard to catch a user’s attention if you are repeating the ideas. Repetitive ideas lose an attraction; thus, the market will divert to a new brand.

Although it is hard to add a creative element in yourself as it is a natural skill. But, in the modern era, the world is talking about methods to be more creative than others, and these methods help you

To be distinct in the market, you need to be creative to come up with new ideas. It is related to your ability to solve complex problems. The more you engage your mind in positive activities, it gets broader and helps you think in unique ways.

3- People Management

When it comes to working in an international market, you will need to be flexible with your approach towards people. In your business life or work life, you will face people from different backgrounds with their own beliefs, ideas, cultures, and working system.

In 2021 you will be an attraction if you can manage people from different backgrounds in a wise manner. The term people management is broader than it sounds and is being studied heavily by experts.

When we try to understand the dynamics of people management, it includes every single ability that you see in your political, religious, or corporate leader. You should be able to get the best out of people without hurting them emotionally or in any other manner.

4- Coordination

When we are stepping into the practical world, there is an important point that we all need to learn. You cannot be successful by cutting out of the rest of the world. Even the greats of our era like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg needed a coordinating team to be icons of their respective fields.

If you have worked with large teams on a project in your life, it is a great positive addition to your resume. You will be preferred in an interview if you can coordinate with others to get them to a top position. This helps you in return to be a recognized name in the international market.

This point applies to nation-to-nation deals and businesses as well. The country that works with multiple nations at the same time proves to be more successful than other countries.

5- Decision Making Skill

Perhaps this one is the most important of the must-have skills in 2021. Gone are the times when you had to wait for days and days to get a decision approved by your manager. These days companies do not have enough time and need a person who can make basic level decisions on their own.

Unless a decision changes the course of a market, industry, or company, you will get a chance to use your decision-making abilities. When we study the decision-making process, we need to learn a point. You will need to come up with the correct decision as per your job responsibility. It will depend upon your product/field knowledge and confidence.

Let us hope that we adapt these skills and make the most out of them in 2021



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