Coronavirus vs Pakistan — Brief History

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4 min readApr 2, 2020

Ever since the world has entered a new decade, it is safe to say that the experience hasn’t been too kind. Whether its the loss of international and national legends like Kobe Bryant and Aman Ullah Khan, or terror activities, mother nature has been an undeniable and horrifying reality in 2020.

But now the birth of Coronavirus has spread a panic attack in the whole world and as of this writing, more than 190 countries are affected. Let’s take a look at everything that we must know about coronavirus.

Introduction of Coronavirus

First of all, we need to know that the word we are hearing these days coronavirus, isn’t the name of a disease. It actually is the name of a virus that’s causing terror in the world. Corona is the name of a virus that causes multiple diseases from the common cold to complex life-threatening disease COVID-19.

When we talk about COVID-19, it is generally referred to as coronavirus disease in the world. An important point about coronavirus disease is that it can be easily transmitted from animals to humans. Further, before 2019, this disease wasn’t found or discovered in humans, so it is hard to be cured until this writing.

History of Coronavirus

The first case of coronavirus was recorded in China back in December 2019. But, within a period of just one month, the number increase in a drastic manner. In the early days, it was found that most people had a connection with the seafood market, so it was easy to conclude that the disease was transmitted from animals.

In the next couple of months, this virus was spread all over to Europe. In fact, the WHO announced Europe, the center of coronavirus. The number increased than that in China and neighboring countries and Iran was also one of the countries affected in the early stages. If we were to take a rough estimate, we can say that nearly 187,000 cases are reported from multiple regions of the world as of recent reports on 16th March and the number continues to grow.

Coronavirus in Pakistan

Since being in a neighborhood to China, Pakistan always had to worry about COVID-19. But the country was blessed that it wasn’t exposed to the virus in the early stages, so we could’ve taken some measures. Due to travel between Pakistan to Iran and China, it was near impossible to stop the virus from entering the borders.

The first coronavirus case in the country was reported back on February 26. The first two patients, one from Sindh, and one from tribal areas, both had returned from Iran recently and got infected. Afterward, the virus spread in Pakistan as well and as of this writing, there have been 2291 recorded cases in Pakistan with 31 deaths and 107 successful recoveries from the virus.

Symptoms of Coronavirus

The symptoms of coronavirus are similar to those of common cold and flu. So, it is possible that you may mistreat the disease if you don’t have info about the symptoms. It is important for us to know these symptoms as they are visible until 14 days.

The symptoms are similar to those of the common cold. But an important point about corona symptoms is you will feel problems while breathing. If you have been in a corona affected area or corona affected person and are feeling breathing issues, you should contact the authorities immediately.

How to Take Care of Ourselves?

As each day progresses the world experts are working every minute to find a drug for COVID-19. But, till the drug is common in the market, we need to take care of ourselves by following a few guidelines shared by the experts.


We should feel lucky enough that the primary step is part of our religion, cleanliness. It is a social protocol that we shake people’s hands while we interact. But, in this situation, we need to avoid handshakes as much as possible. Further, we should wash our hands by using soap for 20 seconds. If you don’t have soap, use a hand sanitizer with 60% alcohol to keep the hands clean.

Avoid Socializing

This may be a blessing in disguise for introverts. Their dream is turning into reality and socializing is not good for health. But jokes apart, for a few days we must avoid social gatherings. Especially if you have people in your circle who have recently visited European countries, China, or Iran, try to keep the interaction as limited as possible.

Use Mask

This probably is the most discussed topic in society. There are two scenarios that decide whether you should use a mask or not. A- If you aren’t feeling sick or have corona symptoms, you don’t need to use mask unless you are meeting a virus affected people. B- If you have corona symptoms, try to use mask at all the time to avoid being a cause of viral spreading in the society.



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